Leadership Training Programmes

School Leadership Training Programmes are for student leaders to recognize and understand their leadership qualities and abilities. PEERS Outdoor Leadership Training Programmes enable student leaders to learn the problem solving and decision-making skills through games and activities challenges, learn the values of intiation, independence and inspiring and motiving others to achieve a common goal.

School Camping Trips

For school camping trips, PEERS Outdoor programmes are structured accordingly to students level of outdoor experience and skills bearing in mind the set objectives. We strive to ensure participants enjoy the programmes while learning from the outdoor experience. Activities involves all three domains of learning, the triad of “knowledge, skills, and attitudes" and appeal to the use of the five senses —audio, visual, taste, touch and smell for observation and perception. Students learn the values and group dynamics through play and physical activities.
PEERS Outdoor School Camping Trips are a great learning climate for the things which can be best learned outside the “classroom”.

Expedition-based Programmes

Expedition-based Programmes are adventure tour programmes PEERS Outdoor professional team has created for tours to Pulau Ubin, Southern Islands, or to Malaysia and Bintan, Indonesia.This programme allows participants to get away from home ground for an unforgetable experience. Programmes can include kayaking and cycling with incorporated teamwork activities, not forgetting the elements of fun learning!

Ubin Experiential Learning

In Ubin Experiential Learning Programme, PEERS Outdoor professional team devises the activities for participants to learn while doing in Pulau Ubin, it is a reflection of oneself in the process of learning through experience. Students learn basic survival skills living in a rural environment such as outdoor cooking, setting up camp fires and tents, etc. Being exposed to mother nature, students learn to cope with environmental challenges and learn the importance of teamwork in order to accomplish challenges.

Sports Education Programme (SEP)

Inline with the SEP Programme, PEERS Outdoor SEP Programme caters for the development of skills and sports knowledge of students, helps promote active participation of sports in schools, promotes team spirit and character building in students, and arouses interest in continual sports participation amongst students. The four main categories are Sports Exposure, Sports Play, Sports Development and Sports League. Students gain the domain of sports knowledge with hands-on experience playing the sports and enjoying the fun!