Mangrove Kayaking

Enjoy the scenic and peaceful mother nature while paddling with PEERS Outdoor Mangrove Kayaking programme. Besides a leisure kayaking experience, participants can enjoy a great workout and may encounter natural wildlife such as otters, jellyfish, kingfisher, magpies and many more. Escape and immerse oneself into nature's tranquility and get rejuvenated!

Kayak Rental

PEERS Outdoor has a variety of kayaks for rental, from plastic hard-shells to comfortable inflatables, from singles to tandems to fit all needs of kayakers. Whether it is for expedition or fishing or touring or adventures, we have a wide range suitable for any kayaking activities. Enjoy paddling fun with PEERS Outdoor Programmes!

Expedition-based Programmes

Expedition-based Programmes are adventure tour programmes PEERS Outdoor professional team has created for tours to Pulau Ubin, Southern Islands, or to Malaysia and Bintan, Indonesia.This programme allows participants to get away from home ground for an unforgetable experience. Programmes can include kayaking and cycling with incorporated teamwork activities, not forgetting the elements of fun learning!

Kayak Fishing & Fishing Equipment

Kayak Fishing has been a hot sport among kayakers and PEERS Outdoor Programmes has included a no-fuss Kayak Fishing Programme for all kayak-fishing enthusiasts. We have included fishing equipment and gear rental for participants to enjoy kayak fishing and would bring participants to hotspots for fishing, ready for your next catch!