Team Building Events

Corporate Team Building activities aim to improve communication, boost morale, motivate, break-the-ice to help get to know one another better, learn effective strategies, improve productivity, and learn about one’s strengths and weaknesses and many others. These activities are customised accordingly to each organization's requirements and the programmes varies depending on the duration and the total number of participants. With PEERS Outdoor professional team well experienced in handling teams of various sizes, we would ensure the clearly stated objectives are met through informative and learning activities.

Team Bonding Events

Corporate Team Bonding activities encourage employees to connect with one another and learn to bond with one another through team activities. The focus is teamwork and collaboration among employees in a relax outdoor environment while having fun. The buzzword here is FUN! Regardless of the team dynamics, PEERS Outdoor professional team leverages on the power of play to enable employees to see one another in a different light and hence help each other bond together, forming a solidified team!

Staff Retreats

Corporate Staff Retreat is the time period for staff to refresh and rejuvenate, mainly designed for reflection and renewal in a comfortable and creative environment. PEERS Outdoor Staff Retreat activities are well designed to ease tensions and strengthen relationships, allowing clarification of roles and expectations and identification of contributions of each member. Locations can be an off-shoot island such as Pulau Ubin or Singapore Southern Islands where one is closest to mother nature in a rustic envrionment or in nearby countries such as Malaysia or Bintan in Indonesia. Trust PEERS Outdoor professional team to plan and organise memorable Staff Retreat programmes for your organization!

Customised Programmes

With years of experiences in planning and organizing Corporate Programmes, PEERS Outdoor professional team has successfully conducted numerous programmes of various sizes for many corporate organizations. Be it for boosting morale, increasing creativitiy and productivity, improving communication, instilling concepts and motivation, we can customize corporate programmes based on your specific requirements, targetted objectives, preferred location, special needs and budget to make the event fun and fulfilling.